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The sailing yacht "Viserion"

Welcome to our exciting sailing adventure! We have decided and commissioned the construction of our state-of-the-art deck saloon yacht " SY Viserion ". Based on the proven DS 40 model from Sirius Yachts , some customizations will be made to meet our specific requirements.

From the impressive deck saloon design with panoramic views to the state-of-the-art nautical and electronic equipment, every detail has been carefully planned to provide an unparalleled sailing experience. Join us on this journey and discover the magic of sailing on the majestic deck of the "SY Viserion"!

viserion design_edited.jpg


Description of the project:

The "SY Viserion" project includes the detailed construction planning of a state-of-the-art deck saloon yacht designed for long-distance sailing and demanding sailing tours. The yacht is based on the successful DS 40 model from Sirius Yachts, but some individual adjustments will be made to meet the specific requirements and preferences of ours.


Deck saloon design and concept:

SY Viserion will feature an impressive deck saloon design that offers a generous window front around the saloon. This allows for stunning panoramic views and a bright, open atmosphere inside the boat. The deck saloon will serve as a central living area and can be used both as a dining area and as a cozy lounge. This will create a harmonious connection between the interior and the surrounding nature, allowing the crew to enjoy the sailing experience to the fullest.



Hull and design:

SY Viserion Simulation.png

The hull of the SY Viserion is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic ( GRP ) to ensure high stability and durability. Viserion will have a characteristic dark blue hull color to ensure an aesthetically pleasing appearance and recognition value. The hull shape is specially designed for high seaworthiness and excellent course stability to ensure safe travel even in difficult weather conditions. The twin keel with a draft of just 1.45 meters will enable us to call at small ports and bays worldwide.


Deck equipment:

The yacht will be equipped with a spacious cockpit that offers space for the entire crew and is ideal for outdoor dining and social activities. A comfortable bench and a large table in the cockpit will ensure pleasant hours on deck. An electric winch (Andersen 46 Variospeed) on the deck saloon will make it easier to set the sails, even single-handed , and will enable quick adaptation to changing weather conditions. A robust stainless steel handrail along the roof will ensure safe movement on deck, even when sailing in challenging situations. There will also be a bimini below the equipment rack for hot summer days and crossing the Atlantic . There will also be a 12V socket in the cockpit with an inflatable boat pump for our dinghy on the Davids .




Rigging and sailing equipment:

The SY Viserion will have a furling mast that allows the sails to be rolled in and out easily and optimizes sailing performance. A cutter stay and a second furling system offer a variety of sailing options to quickly respond to different wind conditions and ensure efficient sail control. The sailing wardrobe is planned:

Mainsail in XRP laminate, S-jib in XRP laminate,
Genoa II in XRP laminate, Rolldrifter Code Zero

LED lights on the mast will ensure good visibility even in poor lighting conditions and increase safety on board.



The interior of SY Viserion will be finished with high quality mahogany to create a warm and appealing environment that underlines the style of the deck saloon. The yacht will offer sleeping accommodation for 6 people in three separate cabins , which is ideal for longer sailing trips or family outings. The saloon will be equipped with a collapsible table that offers enough space for all guests and a bookcase will provide entertainment during the trip. The navigation corner will have a fixed chart table and indirect lighting to enable optimal planning and navigation during the trip. The galley (kitchen area) will include a sink, a separate tap for sea water, a refrigerator with drawers and a 2-burner gas hob and oven to enable the preparation of meals on board.




Nautical and electronic equipment:

The yacht will be equipped with the latest nautical and electronic equipment to ensure precise navigation and safe travel. Two GPS plotters (one in the cockpit and one in the navigation corner), autopilot , radar system and VHF radio are part of the equipment and enable efficient communication and orientation at sea (Raymarine). In addition, the SY Viserion will be equipped with an AIS (Automatic Identification System) to increase safety by detecting other ships early and to avoid collisions.


Energy supply and comfort:

A solar panel system on the roof of the deck saloon (136Wp + 117Wp) and the equipment rack (Ultra 160Wp) will enable sustainable energy generation and charge the onboard batteries, reducing dependence on external energy and being more environmentally friendly. In addition, the Viserion will be equipped with a wind generator on the equipment rack (Super Wind 350-II).

Powerful battery systems for consumer batteries LiFePo4 (8x12V/100Ah) will ensure a reliable power supply for electronic devices and comfort facilities, which increases comfort on board and increases independence. The yacht will have a diesel heater , which will ensure pleasant temperatures in the deck saloon even in cooler weather conditions and increase comfort during the trip.



Additional amenities:


The SY Viserion will have additional amenities that will make the sailing experience even more enjoyable. These include a bow thruster , which improves maneuverability in the harbor and makes mooring easier, and an electric anchor winch (1500 watts), which makes it easy to pull in and set the anchor from the cockpit. A hot water system including a stern shower will enable relaxing bathing even away from harbor facilities. The two toilet facilities (one manual and one electric) on board will have a holding tank system , which ensures environmental protection and compliance with strict regulations in sensitive waters.

Additional comfort features:

  • Water treatment plant for seawater desalination Schenker ZEN 100 Ltr.

  • Washer-dryer in the technical room

  • Water tank increased to 500l

  • Diesel tank increased to 310L

  • Bow ladder



The safety of the crew is a top priority. The SY Viserion will be equipped with all necessary safety equipment, including life jackets, lifebuoy, emergency flares, fire extinguishers and a life raft. In addition, the depth sounder with forward scan and the fixed railing with railing gates will provide additional protection during the journey.


Design data for the Sirius 40 DS

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