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This is what we plan to do

Our plan

An adventurous master plan is in the works - for the next 10 years we will be travelling on our sailing boats for several weeks at a time! Our journey begins in the magical Baltic Sea and takes us bravely through the roaring waves of the North Sea, the picturesque Irish Sea and the challenging Bay of Biscay, always heading towards the distant Canary Islands.

But that's not all! If we're lucky, we'll set course for the impressive Atlantic and sail proudly into the beautiful Caribbean! From there, we'll venture through the legendary Panama Canal and reach the majestic west coast of Central and North America - a sight we'll never forget. Our sails will take us up to Seattle, where new adventures await us.

But our journey doesn't end there! We continue our journey of discovery with a short detour to Hawaii before sailing via Panama to Florida and along the fascinating east coast of the USA. But watch out, the best is yet to come! We finally return to Europe via the Atlantic Ocean and find ourselves in the magical Mediterranean.

Cast off, off to new horizons! Yoho, ahoy and full speed ahead!

The route

  • Neustadt in Holstein

  • Thuro

  • Kuehlungsborn

  • Ronne

  • Visby

  • Alland Archipelago

  • Stockholm

  • Oslo

  • Lofoten

  • Hebrides

  • Dublin

  • Syilly Islands

  • Galician coast

  • postage

  • Albufeira

  • Malaga

  • Almeria

  • Canary Islands

  • Cape Verde

  • St George's

  • Bequia

  • Saint Lucia

  • British Virgin Islands

  • San Blas Islands

  • Ancon

  • La Paz

  • Los Angeles

  • Orcas Island

  • San Francisco

  • Hawaii

  • Socorro Island

  • City of Panama

  • Maiden Cay

  • The Bahamas

  • Miami

  • Washington

  • Horta (Angustias)

  • Gibraltar

  • Barcelona

  • Cote d'Azur

  • Sicily

  • Kornati

  • Ioanian Islands

  • Bodrum

  • Rhodes

  • Cyprus

  • Heraklion

  • Gżira

  • Ibiza

The Schedule

  • 2023: Planning phase

  • 2024: Boat building

  • 2025: Boat building

  • 2026: Boat handover in the Baltic Sea

  • 2027: Baltic Sea

  • 2028: Baltic Sea

  • 2029: From the North Sea to the Atlantic

  • 2030: Atlantic

  • 2031: Caribbean

  • 2032: Pacific Ocean

  • 2033: Pacific Ocean

  • 2034: Caribbean

  • 2035: United States

  • 2036: Atlantic

  • 2037: Mediterranean

  • ....


Planning map

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